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Fiocchi Ammunition

Fiocchi Ammunition - Range Dynamics .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 50

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  • Box of Fiocchi Range Dynamics .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition, quantity 50 rounds. The packaging is designed with a dynamic blue and white color scheme, featuring smoke effects around the box to emphasize the impact and energy of the product. This ammunition is ideal for practice shooting at the range, offering reliable performance and accuracy for recreational shooters and enthusiasts.
  • Box of Fiocchi Field Dynamics .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition, quantity 50 rounds, displayed alongside a copper-plated round nose bullet. The box is predominantly blue with white and gray accents, labeled prominently with the Fiocchi logo and product specifications. This ammunition is designed for reliability and consistent performance, making it suitable for a variety of shooting disciplines, including target practice and small game hunting.
  • Side view of a Fiocchi Range Dynamics .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition box, quantity 50. The packaging features detailed descriptions and graphics showcasing the bullet design and performance characteristics. The box is predominantly blue and white with red accents, including diagrams and text that highlight the bullet's round nose design and its applications in target shooting and training. QR code and website links are also displayed for more information.
  • Single cartridge of Fiocchi Range Dynamics .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition. The cartridge features a brass casing and a copper-plated round nose bullet, showcasing its classic design and build. This type of ammunition is widely used for recreational shooting and training due to its reliability and consistent performance, providing shooters with an optimal balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.
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Fiocchi Ammunition - Range Dynamics .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 50

Step up your shooting game with Fiocchi Range Dynamics .22LR 40GR RN ammunition. This high-velocity, copper-plated solid point ammo is designed for the competitive shooter focusing on precision and endurance during practice sessions. Ideal for both competition training and general recreational shooting, it offers an excellent balance of performance and value.

Product Features

  • Caliber: .22 Long Rifle (LR) for versatile use in various firearms.
  • Bullet Weight: 40 grains, providing a balanced trajectory and impact.
  • Bullet Type: Copper Plated Round Nose for reduced fouling and enhanced accuracy.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1050 FPS, ensuring high-speed performance for competitive shooting.
  • Muzzle Energy: 380 ft lbs, delivering significant impact on targets.
  • Packaging: 50 rounds per box, with 100 boxes per case, catering to high-volume shooters.

Fiocchi's commitment to quality and performance is evident in their Range Dynamics series, offering shooters a reliable and consistent choice for their training needs. Whether you're engaging in intense competition prep or enjoying a day at the range, Fiocchi .22LR ammunition is engineered to exceed your expectations.

Embrace the precision and reliability of Fiocchi Range Dynamics for your next training session and experience the difference in your shooting performance.

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Additional Information

.22 LR
Model / Type:
Range Dynamics
Projectile Weight:
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