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Atlas Development Group

Atlas Development Group - 7mm PRC Brass Anneal Line 50pc Box

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  • The image shows the base of a brass cartridge case for a 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC). The headstamp includes the cartridge designation "7mm PRC" and a logo that appears to be that of Atlas Development Group, indicating the manufacturer. The term "Anneal Line" suggests that the brass has undergone the annealing process, which is visible as a discoloration around the primer pocket, to extend the life of the case and enhance its durability. The "50pc Box" indicates that this brass is sold in quantities of 50, which is common for precision shooters who often buy in bulk for consistent reloading purposes. The 7mm PRC is likely a caliber used for long-range precision shooting, valued for its ballistic performance.
  • The image displays a complete round of ammunition and a brass case for the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC), both featuring an annealing mark near the base. The annealing mark, the discolored ring around the case, is an indication of a heat treatment process that softens the brass for durability and longevity. The headstamp is marked with "7mm PRC," identifying the cartridge size, and the brass is produced by Atlas Development Group. The reference to a "50pc Box" suggests that these cartridges or brass casings are packaged in boxes of 50, a common quantity for shooters and reloaders. The 7mm PRC is known for its long-range shooting capabilities, and Atlas Development Group is catering to precision shooters who demand high-quality components for their loads.
  • This is a product image showing a box of Atlas Development Group brass for the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) with an anneal line. The packaging suggests that the product contains 50 pieces of brass. The orange box features the ADG logo and provides a glimpse into the high-quality materials and processes used, like the annealing, which enhances the longevity and durability of the brass for reloading. The mention of Bullet Central, with its tagline "Build Shoot Win," suggests that this is where the product may be purchased, and it emphasizes a focus on the competitive shooting market.

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ADG 7mm PRC Brass Anneal Line - Superior Reloading Brass

Atlas Development Group - 7mm PRC Brass Anneal Line: Precision Reloads Redefined

The Atlas Development Group 7mm PRC Brass Anneal Line is a testament to innovation in precision reloading. Crafted for shooters who demand consistency and durability, our 50-piece retail box sets a new standard in reloading brass. By strategically adding material to specific areas of the case, ADG ensures that each piece of brass not only meets but exceeds the performance requirements of precision shooters.

Engineered for Excellence

ADG's 7mm PRC brass is designed with the precision shooter in mind. The additional material enhances the brass's strength, making it heavier and more durable than competitors'. This design choice, while increasing the case's weight, results in a reduced internal volume, allowing for lower charge weights to achieve desired pressures and velocities Ñ a crucial factor for precision shooting.

Key Specifications

  • Caliber: 7mm
  • Finish: Bright, Standard for optimal visibility and quality assessment.
  • Quantity: Retail Box containing 50 pieces, ideal for serious reloaders and competitive shooters.
  • Neck Dimensions: Average Wall Thickness: 0.0152", Average Loaded Neck OD: 0.3151", ensuring tight tolerances and consistent performance.
  • Case Volume: 80.4 Grains H2O, optimized for precision reloads and performance.

We recommend starting with minimum load recommendations from reputable sources and carefully working up to find the perfect load for your specific shooting needs. The ADG 7mm PRC Brass Anneal Line is not just brass; it's the foundation of your next precision shot.

Choose Atlas Development Group's 7mm PRC Brass for your reloading needs and experience the difference that meticulously engineered brass can make in your precision shooting. Elevate your performance with ADG.

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Additional Information

7mm PRC
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Great selection to have these in. Nobody else has them.

    Posted by Barry Genta on Aug 14th 2023

    Great that you had these in. Nobody else has them. I'm on.

  • 3
    Not overly impressed.

    Posted by Connor Kitchens on Aug 9th 2023

    I would like to start by saying that this is NOT bad brass, and that I intend for this review to be as objective as possible. I believe it is well made in terms of structure and durability, and will last a very long time. I do, however, have several issues with this brass, given its price point. The first issue that almost every single case mouth in two of the three boxes (so far) I ordered were out of round, and had an excessive amount of neck tension. This is normal for brass that was shipped in bulk packaging, or in a cardboard box. This brass, however, comes in a good, hard plastic case with foam over the top of the mouths. This should not have been an issue on brass that costs $2.50 per case. This was not an issue on my Lapua brass, nor on my Alpha Munitions brass. Both of which are significantly cheaper. Every piece of this brass had to be run over my neck expander just to get to where I could properly chamfer and deburr the cases, and to load them without too much neck tension on the bullet. The second issue is that there is a fair amount of variability in the case neck's wall thickness. I wouldn't bother to bring this up, except for the fact that this brass is again, $2.50 per case. Lapua has tighter tolerances, and cost roughly $.30-$1.00+ less per case, depending on caliber. This brass's wall thickness consistency was about the same as Hornady, which costs ~$1.40 less per case. Lastly, the overall weight consistency is not there for brass that costs this much. Within 5-7 pieces of brass, I found a tolerance of approximately 2 grains. It took roughly 20 or more of Lapua to find that same tolerance, and Alpha Munitions held a tolerance of 1/2 grain across two boxes of 50. Even Hornady brass, at almost $2.00 a case cheaper had the same or tighter tolerance. Ultimately, this brass is not worth what they charge for it. More expensive than Lapua, and less or similar consistency to Hornady. For what this brass costs, the issues above should not have been present. I wasn't expecting ready to load brass, meaning chamfered, deburred, and round necks with proper neck tension, as that is not what was advertised. But, for how this brass ships, and the price per case, the Quality Control is not there, nor are the tolerances. I would like to end this review on a positive note, because I do believe that this brass has a lot of potential. The primer pockets are tight. Extremely tight. I believe they will last a long, long time, unless consistently loaded to excessive pressures. The finish on the brass was well done, and the annealing looked fantastic. And now that I have turned the necks to a consistent thickness, I believe I can make some very high quality hand loads with it. I cannot in good faith recommend, or not recommend this brass. I believe that is truly up to the individual buying the brass. I do believe that it is far to expensive, but, it is also one of maybe 3 options on the market for 7mm PRC. I purchased out of necessity. I am not impressed so far, but I am also not entirely disappointed with it. As I stated earlier, I believe it has potential.

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