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Foundation Stocks - Centurion RH, BAT TR Action Inlet, DBM, Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet, Std Weight, Dark Distressed Finish, Full Length Arca Rail

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Foundation Stocks - Centurion RH: Precision Engineered for Excellence

Foundation Stocks - Centurion RH: Ready for Immediate Shipping

Discover the cutting-edge Foundation Stocks - Centurion RH, designed for serious shooters who demand precision and excellence. Available for immediate shipping exclusively through Bullet Central, bypassing the standard 16-week wait from Foundation.

Revolutionary Design and Build

The Centurion RH stock features a grip nearly identical to the popular Revelation model, offering a vertical orientation and close proximity to the trigger for enhanced control and comfort. This design facilitates a more intuitive and responsive shooting experience.

Optimized for Positional Shooting

Designed with a full 2.6Ó flat bottom on the forearm, the Centurion RH provides extensive bag contact during positional shooting. This feature ensures stability and accuracy in various shooting positions.

Advanced Features and Hardware

The stock includes a consistent cheek piece, high-quality KMW ACP Hardware, and an 11.25Ó modified Anschutz rail, mirroring the advanced features of other Foundation stocks. These components contribute to the stock's superior performance and reliability.

Lightweight and Versatile

Weighing in at 5lb 11 oz, the Centurion RH stock is lightweight yet robust. It is compatible with all current short action configurations, making it a versatile choice for various shooting disciplines.

Unique Aesthetics

The Centurion RH boasts a dark distressed finish, giving it a unique and appealing look. This aesthetic, coupled with its functional design, makes it a favorite among discerning shooters.

Convenience of Purchase

When you choose to purchase through Bullet Central, you receive the advantage of immediate availability, avoiding the usual wait time. Note that actions or DBMs are not included, but Hawkins DBMs can be purchased separately.


The Foundation Stocks - Centurion RH is a testament to precision engineering and innovative design. Ideal for shooters who value performance, stability, and style. Available now for immediate dispatch, enhance your shooting experience with this exceptional stock.

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