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Hornady Ammunition - 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) (Qty 20)

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  • Hornady Ammunition 300 PRC 225 Grain ELD Match, model number 82162, packaged in quantities of 20. The image showcases a detailed cross-sectional view of the cartridge, highlighting its brass casing, precision-engineered internal components, and the red-tipped ELD (Extremely Low Drag) bullet designed for maximum accuracy at long ranges. The diagram emphasizes the bullet’s advanced aerodynamic features in vibrant orange and yellow hues, illustrating its superior performance capabilities for precision shooting.
  • Box of Hornady Match Ammunition for 300 PRC 225 Grain ELD Match, model number 82162, containing 20 cartridges. The packaging is prominently displayed with a white background and features the Hornady logo and 'MATCH' designation, along with the specific caliber information. This professional-grade packaging design emphasizes the high-performance and precision-engineered characteristics of the ammunition, suitable for competitive shooting and precision long-range targeting.
  • Box of Hornady Match Ammunition, 300 PRC 225 Grain ELD Match, model number 82162, containing 20 rounds. The packaging features a striking design with a white background, a large black circle with the word 'MATCH' in bold, and the Hornady logo above. The number '20' prominently displayed on the corner indicates the quantity. This packaging design highlights the precision and high-quality of the ammunition, suitable for competitive shooting and precision targeting.
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Hornady Ammunition: 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) – Redefining Long-Range Precision

Introduction to Hornady 300 PRC ELD Match Ammunition

The Hornady 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) ammunition represents the pinnacle of long-range shooting capabilities. Designed for precision and reliability, this 21st-century magnum cartridge sets new standards in shooting performance, transforming what was once considered mid-range into long-range territory.

Revolutionary Cartridge Design

Non-Belted Magnum Innovation

The 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) is crafted from the robust 375 Ruger cartridge case. This non-belted magnum utilizes a standard .532” magnum bolt face and headspaces off a 30-degree shoulder, offering superior chamber alignment compared to traditional belted magnum cartridges. This innovative design enhances feeding and stacking from fixed magazines, promoting flawless function and accuracy.

Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Concurrent design of the cartridge and chamber ensures exceptional alignment and tuned performance. The 300 PRC uses commonly available, temperature-stable magnum speed rifle powders, which aid in achieving extremely consistent velocities and extended barrel life, outperforming other magnum cartridges in the market.

High-Performance Features

Heat Shield™ Tip Technology

At the forefront of its design, the 300 PRC ELD Match bullet features Hornady's revolutionary Heat Shield™ tip. This tip technology creates a perfect meplat (bullet nose) that significantly surpasses the performance of traditional BTHP (Boat-Tail Hollow Point) bullets in terms of aerodynamic efficiency and accuracy.

Hornady® Match™ Bullets

Each round is loaded with Hornady’s Match™ bullets, renowned globally for their accuracy and consistency. These bullets are constructed with AMP® (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets, enhancing shot-to-shot uniformity essential for competitive shooting and precision engagements.

Stringent Manufacturing Standards

Specially Selected Cases

Each case is meticulously selected based on wall thickness uniformity, internal capacity, case weight, and wall concentricity. Such rigorous criteria ensure that every cartridge performs with utmost reliability and precision.

Carefully Matched Powder

Hornady’s engineers match powder to each specific load to optimize pressure and velocity, fostering consistent accuracy across varying conditions and temperatures.

Uncompromising Quality Control

With tight tolerances and strict quality controls, Hornady® Match™ ammunition delivers superior lot-to-lot consistency. This commitment to quality is in line with J.W. Hornady's founding vision: "Ten bullets through one hole."

Ballistic Performance

The 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match showcases impressive ballistic data:

  • Muzzle Velocity: 2810 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 3945 ft/lb
  • Trajectory at 500 Yards: -39.4 inches

These figures highlight the cartridge's capability to maintain high energy and flat trajectory over long distances, making it ideal for target and match shooting.


The Hornady 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) ammunition redefines long-range shooting with its advanced design and unmatched performance. Whether for competitive shooting, tactical applications, or hunting, this ammunition provides shooters the confidence to engage targets at extended ranges with exceptional precision.

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Additional Information

.300 PRC
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ELD Match
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