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Hornady Ammunition - 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) (Qty 20)

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Experience Unparalleled Precision with Hornady Ammunition - 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) (Qty 20) Elevate your shooting performance to new heights with Hornady Ammunition's 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162). Designed for precision enthusiasts and competitive shooters, these rounds are meticulously crafted to deliver consistent accuracy and exceptional ballistic performance. With a focus on reliability and precision, Hornady continues to set the standard for precision ammunition. Key Features: * Precision Redefined: Hornady Ammunition's 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) is engineered to redefine precision, making it a top choice for those who demand pinpoint accuracy. * ELD Match Bullet: Featuring the 225-grain ELD Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullet, these rounds are designed to minimize drag and provide optimal ballistic performance, ensuring excellent long-range accuracy. * Match-Grade Components: Loaded with high-quality match-grade components, each round offers uniform powder charge and primer ignition, resulting in consistent performance shot after shot. * Enhanced Ballistic Coefficients: The advanced design of the ELD Match bullet leads to high ballistic coefficients, resulting in reduced wind drift and maximum accuracy over extended distances. * Unwavering Consistency: Hornady's stringent quality control processes guarantee that each round delivers unwavering consistency and dependable accuracy. * Versatile Performance: Whether you're honing your long-range skills or participating in precision shooting competitions, these rounds are engineered to deliver the performance you require. * Quantity for Practice: Each purchase includes a box of 20 rounds, ensuring you have ample ammunition for practice sessions and competitive events. * Advanced Bullet Design: The ELD Match bullet incorporates a Heat Shield tip and InterLock ring, offering controlled terminal performance and reliable expansion, even at extended ranges. * Optimized for Long Range: These rounds are optimized for long-range engagements, allowing you to confidently engage targets at impressive distances. * Proven Excellence: With a track record of producing top-tier ammunition, Hornady continues to deliver rounds that offer unmatched accuracy and performance. * Precision Enhancement: Using Hornady Ammunition's 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) enhances your accuracy and precision, helping you achieve your shooting goals. * Confident Shooting: Each shot fired with the 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) embodies confidence, knowing that you are utilizing ammunition designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy. Hornady Ammunition's 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) provides you with the tools to enhance your shooting performance. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a long-range enthusiast, these rounds are meticulously crafted to deliver reliable accuracy and consistent ballistic performance. With a commitment to excellence and precision, Hornady Ammunition sets the bar high for precision-focused ammunition. Unlock the potential for unparalleled precision—secure your supply of Hornady Ammunition's 300 PRC 225 Gr ELD Match (82162) today and experience the difference in your shooting results.
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.300 PRC
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ELD Match
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