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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP, 2425080 (Box of 50)

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Norma SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP Ammunition - Quiet Precision for Target and Hunting

Norma SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP Ammunition: Precision Meets Quiet Performance

Introducing Norma SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP Ammunition, a top-choice for shooters seeking high-quality, subsonic ammunition for target practice, hunting, and plinking. This 50 round box of .22 LR caliber ammunition delivers exceptional accuracy and performance, designed specifically for suppressed firearms and scenarios requiring minimal noise disruption.

Key Features

  • Subsonic Velocity: With a muzzle velocity of 1017 FPS, this ammunition stays below the sound barrier, reducing noise for a quieter shooting experience.
  • Hollow Point Bullet: The 40 grain lead hollow point design ensures effective energy transfer and consistent tight groupings, making it ideal for both target shooting and hunting.
  • Superior Accuracy: Experience great accuracy with a stable trajectory, perfect for competition level practice or precise hunting shots.
  • Wide Application: Whether for manual loading weapons with silencers, "silent" hunting, or plinking in areas where noise is a concern, this ammunition meets diverse shooting needs.
  • Affordable Quality: Norma Precision offers reasonably priced ammunition without compromising on quality, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

The Norma TAC-22 Subsonic is an ideal match for any shooter looking for quiet, precise ammunition that performs exceptionally in all aspects of rimfire shooting. Whether you're engaging in benchrest practice, hunting with a need for stealth, or enjoying plinking without disturbing the peace, this ammunition is designed to exceed your expectations.

Choose Norma SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP Ammunition for your next shooting session and experience the difference that quality, subsonic ammunition can make. Order now and take advantage of ammunition that combines quiet operation with pinpoint accuracy and reliability.

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.22 LR
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