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Norma Ammunition - SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP, 2425080 (Box of 50)

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Unleash Stealthy Power with Norma Ammunition SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP (Box of 50) Delve into the world of silent accuracy with Norma Ammunition's SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP, a masterfully crafted solution designed for discreet shooting without compromising performance. Housed within a box of 50 rounds, this ammunition offers an exceptional blend of precision and reduced noise, making it the perfect choice for varmint control, pest elimination, and stealthy plinking. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the Norma SUBSONIC-22 LR ammunition delivers a unique shooting experience that brings together precision, power, and quiet efficiency. Key Features and Benefits: * Silent Power: The SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP ammunition is specifically engineered to reduce noise levels, making it ideal for scenarios where minimizing sound is paramount. Whether you're maintaining the peace at the range or eliminating pests in your backyard, these rounds offer a quieter shooting experience without sacrificing performance. * Precision Engineering: Norma Ammunition is synonymous with precision, and the SUBSONIC-22 LR rounds are no exception. Each cartridge is carefully crafted to deliver outstanding accuracy, ensuring that your shots hit their mark consistently, even in subsonic velocities. * Versatile Performance: These rounds aren't just quiet; they're also versatile. From small game hunting to plinking, the SUBSONIC-22 LR ammunition performs admirably across various scenarios. Experience the convenience of a single solution for multiple shooting pursuits. * Reduced Recoil: With subsonic velocities come reduced recoil, allowing for smoother shooting and faster follow-up shots. Whether you're practicing or engaging in pest control, these rounds provide a comfortable shooting experience. * Reliability and Consistency: Norma Ammunition's reputation for reliability is upheld in the SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP rounds. Each cartridge is manufactured with precision, ensuring consistent performance and dependable function every time you pull the trigger. * Quality Craftsmanship: Norma's commitment to quality extends to every aspect of these rounds. From the selection of components to the meticulous manufacturing process, you're receiving ammunition that upholds Norma's renowned craftsmanship. Conclusion: The Norma Ammunition SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP ammunition offers a unique blend of power, precision, and discretion, all in a box of 50 rounds. Whether you're pursuing pest control, enjoying quiet plinking, or simply seeking a novel shooting experience, these rounds deliver exceptional results. Embrace the silent power of subsonic shooting without compromising on accuracy or reliability. With Norma's legacy of precision craftsmanship behind every cartridge, you can trust that each shot will be as precise as it is quiet. Choose Norma SUBSONIC-22 LR 40gr LHP ammunition and immerse yourself in the world of silent accuracy today.
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.22 LR
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