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MasterPiece Arms - Matrix Pro Chassis, Rem SA inlet, Right hand, Blue

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Introducing the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis with Remington Short Action inlet, meticulously designed to elevate your shooting performance and redefine your firearm aesthetics. Crafted for right-handed enthusiasts, this chassis boasts a captivating blue finish that seamlessly blends innovation with style, making it the ultimate choice for firearm customization. Precision Engineering Engineered to perfection, the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis is a pinnacle of precision and durability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the chassis ensures a snug fit for Remington Short Action inlets, guaranteeing consistent accuracy and reliability. Its ergonomic design promotes comfortable shooting, allowing you to maintain optimal control and focus on your target. Enhanced Versatility Unlock the potential of your firearm with the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a dedicated hunter, this chassis offers unparalleled versatility. The integrated V-bedding system enhances stability, providing a solid foundation for your rifle action. The modular design allows for easy customization, so you can personalize your setup to suit your preferences and shooting style. Aesthetic Excellence Stand out on the range with the striking blue finish of the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis. The deep blue hue not only catches the eye but also resists wear and tear, ensuring that your chassis maintains its alluring appearance even after rigorous use. Make a statement with a firearm that not only performs exceptionally but also exudes elegance. Seamless Integration Installing the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis is a breeze, thanks to its thoughtful design and user-friendly features. The chassis seamlessly accommodates right-handed shooters, allowing for a natural and comfortable shooting experience. The precise inletting ensures a secure fit for your Remington Short Action, reducing play and enhancing accuracy. Durability Meets Innovation Crafted from high-quality materials, the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis is built to withstand the demands of any shooting environment. Whether you're navigating rugged terrains or honing your skills at the range, this chassis delivers unwavering durability and performance. The combination of advanced engineering and rugged construction ensures that your firearm remains reliable, shot after shot. Personalize Your Setup The MPA Matrix Pro Chassis empowers you to create a rifle that suits your unique preferences. The modular design accommodates a variety of accessories, allowing you to tailor your firearm to your exact needs. From adjustable buttstocks to versatile rail systems, you have the freedom to equip your chassis with the tools that enhance your shooting experience. Upgrade Your Firearm Today Experience the next level of shooting precision and style with the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis. Elevate your Remington Short Action firearm to new heights of performance with a chassis that seamlessly blends innovation, versatility, and aesthetics. Make a lasting impression with the captivating blue finish that sets your firearm apart from the rest. Upgrade your firearm setup and unleash your full shooting potential with the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis.
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