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MPA (MasterPiece Arms)

MasterPiece Arms - Matrix Pro Chassis, Rem SA inlet, Right hand, Blue

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Explore the Advanced Features of the MasterPiece Arms Matrix Pro Chassis

Introduction to the Matrix Pro Chassis

The MasterPiece Arms Matrix Pro Chassis stands as a pioneering model in firearm chassis design, setting a new standard for customization and performance. Ideal for top-level PRS/NRL competitors, the Matrix Pro Chassis offers an unprecedented range of adjustments, including over 100 grip configurations, thumb rests, and trigger finger supports. This adaptability ensures that the shooter's primary interaction with their rifle is finely tailored to their personal preferences and shooting style.

Revolutionary Design and Customization

Grip and Hand Positioning

At the core of the Matrix Pro's innovation is its grip customization. With more than 100 different options, shooters can modify the grip to fit their exact needs, supported by data indicating popular preferences. The strategic placement of the hand closer to the rifle's bore varies the setup possibilities, enhancing shooter comfort and control.

Integrated Comp Side Rails

The chassis features Integrated Comp Side Rails that stabilize the rifle when using a shooting bag as the primary support. These rails not only provide a robust platform but also contribute to the fore-end's extremely rigid and precise construction, crucial for PRS/NRL competitions.

Cutting-Edge Features for Competitive Shooting

Innovative Weight Tuning System

The Matrix Pro Chassis incorporates a sophisticated weight tuning system, allowing internal and external adjustments. This system shifts more weight towards the front, allowing each shooter to find the perfect balance point for their specific rifle setup.

Extended Fore-End and Quick Release Bag Rider

An extended fore-end offers an additional 2 inches over previous models, making bipod adjustments and removal seamless during stages. The Quick Release Bag Rider adjusts the rear bag rider height with a simple button press, adapting quickly to different shooting conditions.

Magwell Plate System

A series of unique plates can be installed in front of the Magwell to protect the magazine and enhance stability when shooting from various positions. This feature is tailored to accommodate individual shooting styles and preferences.

Enhanced Comfort and Performance

Adjustable Buttstock and Recoil Pad

The chassis includes an adjustable buttstock with a cheek riser and length of pull, which can be fine-tuned from 13.5 to 14.75 inches. The recoil pad is also adjustable for height and cant, providing further customization.

Additional Standard Features

  • M-Lok slots along the chassis' sides and bottom
  • Multiple Quick Detach (QD) sling swivel locations
  • Standard Night Vision Bridge for enhanced targeting capabilities
  • Durable Cerakote finish available in various colors, including custom options


The MasterPiece Arms Matrix Pro Chassis is a game-changer in the competitive shooting market. With its extensive customization features and robust design, it offers serious shooters the precision, adaptability, and stability needed to excel in high-stakes environments. Whether tweaking the grip settings or adjusting the weight distribution, the Matrix Pro Chassis provides a revolutionary interface between the shooter and the rifle, ensuring peak performance at all times.

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