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MasterPiece Arms - Matrix Pro Chassis, Rem SA inlet, Right hand, Midnight Bronze

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MPA Matrix Pro Chassis - Rem SA Inlet, Right Hand, Midnight Bronze: The Apex of Shooting Sophistication Discover the MPA Matrix Pro: Where Innovation Meets Elegance The world of precision shooting is in for a revelation. Introducing the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis - tailored specifically for the Remington Short Action (SA) inlet, right-hand configuration, and bathed in a lustrous midnight bronze finish. This chassis doesn't just hint at excellence; it embodies it. Crafted by Masterpiece Arms (MPA), a vanguard in the firearms industry, the Matrix Pro is a testament to where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched craftsmanship. Design Crafted for the Future The MPA Matrix Pro isnÕt just another chassis Ð itÕs a statement. Its sleek and innovative design is bolstered by the stunning midnight bronze finish, which not only offers an aesthetic advantage but also provides enhanced durability, ensuring your firearm stands out and endures through the toughest conditions. Precision Engineered for Rem SA With a specific inlet for the Remington Short Action, the Matrix Pro guarantees a snug fit and optimal balance. This ensures that you get the most out of your shooting sessions, with a chassis that complements the already impeccable functionality of the Rem SA. Right-Handed Sophistication Understanding the unique needs of right-handed shooters, MPA has fine-tuned the Matrix Pro for ergonomic excellence. The grip, the balance, the feel - every aspect has been carefully considered to offer unparalleled comfort and control for right-handed enthusiasts. State-of-the-Art Features at Your Fingertips Beyond its standout aesthetics, the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis is laden with features that cater to the modern marksman: Enhanced Ergonomics: Designed keeping the user in mind, its ergonomic structure ensures prolonged shooting sessions are comfortable and fatigue-free. Integrated Bubble Level: Ensures your shots are always aligned and accurate. V-Bedding System: Offers increased accuracy by providing a stable platform for your rifle barrel and action. Built-in Inclinometer Leveling System: Assists in long-range shooting by compensating for any terrain variations. Modularity: The chassis caters to various shooting styles and situations, ensuring versatility and adaptability. The MPA Legacy Backing You Up When you opt for the Matrix Pro, you're not just getting a chassis; you're investing in the legacy of Masterpiece Arms. A brand revered in the firearm industry for its commitment to quality, durability, and innovation, MPA ensures that the Matrix Pro Chassis stands as a testament to what the brand represents. Conclusion The MPA Matrix Pro Chassis in its lustrous midnight bronze finish is more than just a component; itÕs a commitment to excellence. Whether you're a seasoned shooter aiming to upgrade your setup or a budding enthusiast looking for the best in the market, the Matrix Pro promises an unparalleled shooting experience. Dive deep into a world where every shot counts, every detail matters, and where your firearm isnÕt just a tool but a testament to your taste and precision. With the MPA Matrix Pro Chassis, you're not just shooting; you're making a statement.
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Midnight Bronze
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Matrix Pro
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