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MPA (MasterPiece Arms)

MasterPiece Arms - Matrix Pro Chassis II, Rem SA inlet, Right hand, Gunmetal

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MasterPiece Arms Matrix Pro Chassis: Next-Gen Precision for PRS/NRL Shooters

Introduction to the Matrix Pro Chassis

Explore the next evolution in precision rifle chassis with the MasterPiece Arms Matrix Pro Chassis. Designed for top-tier PRS/NRL competitors, this chassis integrates a multitude of customizable options including grips, thumb rests, and trigger finger supports, making it the most adaptable interface between shooter and rifle.

Advanced Design Features of the Matrix Pro Chassis

Customizable Interface

The Matrix Pro Chassis provides over 100 different grip configurations, enabling shooters to refine their hold and shooting stance significantly. Its design brings the shooter's hand closer to the bore axis, allowing more precise and stable shots, adapting to the rapid shifts in the competitive shooting landscape.

Integrated Comp Side Rails

Featuring Integrated Comp Side Rails, the Matrix Pro Chassis offers an incredibly stable platform for shooting from improvised positions. The fore-end's fully machined profile is the stiffest and most rigid ever created for PRS/NRL competitions, setting a new benchmark for stability and accuracy.

Game-Changing Features for Competitive Edge

Innovative Weight Tuning System

The chassis includes a unique weight tuning system that adjusts both internally and externally, shifting more weight to the front for better balance. This system is essential for shooters looking to fine-tune their rifle balance to their specific preferences.

Magwell Plate System and Extended Fore-End

The Matrix Pro features unique plates at the Magwell to protect the magazine and enhance stability. An extended fore-end, longer by 2 inches than previous models, facilitates easier bipod removal and adjustments during competitions.

Quick Release Bag Rider

With a simple press of a button, the Quick Release Bag Rider adjusts the height, providing flexibility for engaging targets at various elevations or adapting to different shooting platforms.

Comprehensive Customization and Accessories

Enhanced Buttstock and Support Features

The Matrix Pro chassis includes an enhanced buttstock with an adjustable cheek riser and length of pull, offering comprehensive support and comfort for long-range shooting.

Standard Features and Additional Options

  • Multiple grip options and thumb rest selections
  • Built-in M-Lok slots for additional accessories
  • Standard Night Vision Bridge for advanced targeting in low-light conditions
  • Durable Cerakote finish available in various colors including Gunmetal
  • Optional Gun Candy Color customization available upon checkout

Immediate Availability at Bullet Central

For those looking to acquire the Matrix Chassis without delay, Bullet Central offers an appealing option as the chassis is available in stock today. This immediate availability allows shooters to bypass the typical manufacturing lead times and get their hands on this advanced chassis system right away. Purchasing from Bullet Central can be especially advantageous for competitors or hunters who need to prepare their gear without the constraints of a lengthy waiting period.

Extended Lead Times at MasterPiece Arms

Conversely, ordering directly from MasterPiece Arms entails a much longer wait. Currently, the lead time for receiving a Matrix Chassis from MPA is about 20 weeks. This delay is primarily due to the high demand and meticulous manufacturing processes that ensure each chassis meets the highest standards of quality and performance. While purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures that you're getting a product straight from the source, the extended lead time might not be suitable for those who need their chassis ready for an upcoming season or event.


Conclusion: A Revolutionary Shooting Experience

The MasterPiece Arms Matrix Pro Chassis represents the pinnacle of innovation in rifle chassis systems, offering unparalleled customization and precision enhancements. This chassis is not only a tool but an extension of the shooter, designed to elevate performance in the competitive PRS/NRL fields. Whether fine-tuning grips, adjusting weight distribution, or utilizing its advanced features, the Matrix Pro Chassis is the ultimate choice for serious competitors.

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