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Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge - .30-06 Springfield (Box of 50)

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Discover the Versatility of Peterson Cartridge's .30-06 Springfield Brass

Peterson Cartridge Introduces Match-Grade .30-06 Springfield Brass

In response to popular demand, Peterson Cartridge has expanded its offering to include the iconic .30-06 Springfield caliber, a testament to the cartridge's enduring legacy in both competition shooting and hunting. This move addresses the needs of a broad range of shooters, from those engaged in precision rifle competitions to hunters seeking reliable performance in diverse conditions.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Shooters

Understanding the unique requirements of both competitive shooters and hunters, Peterson Cartridge offers .30-06 Springfield brass with options for small rifle primer pockets (SRP) and large rifle primer pockets (LRP). This flexibility ensures optimal performance across various shooting disciplines and environmental conditions.

For the Competition Shooter

The .30-06 Springfield's storied history as America's first 1,000-yard competition caliber is revitalized through Peterson Cartridge's match-grade specifications. Precision Rifle Series (PRS), Extreme Long Range (ELR), and F-Class competitors can now rely on the exceptional quality of Peterson's brass for unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

For the Hunter

Renowned for its versatility in game hunting, the .30-06 Springfield covers a wide range of game, from woodchucks to bears. Peterson's commitment to match-grade quality ensures that hunters have access to brass that combines historical significance with modern performance standards.

For Historical and Cinematic Use

Peterson Cartridge also caters to specialized needs by offering .30-06 Springfield casings with elongated necks, ideal for forming blanks used in military funerals and cinematic productions. This niche offering underscores Peterson's dedication to serving the broader shooting community.

.30-06 Springfield: A Tradition of Excellence

With the addition of the .30-06 Springfield to its product line, Peterson Cartridge reaffirms its commitment to producing top-tier brass for a wide array of applications. Whether for hunting, competition, or ceremonial use, shooters can now experience the legendary performance of the .30-06 Springfield, backed by Peterson Cartridge's reputation for quality and precision.

Embrace the heritage and versatility of the .30-06 Springfield with Peterson Cartridge, and elevate your shooting experience with brass designed for excellence.

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.30-06 Springfield
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